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Countdown to becoming a genius

The countdown begins. It’s said that takes 10000 hours to become a master at something, 1000 to become an expert at something. But to become an expert or indeed a master will take time, dedication , thought and mental focus. I am looking to find myself a (EDIT: why stop at one) skill area to become an expert in.

I’m looking for topic areas for suggestions.

Should I focus on something physical (skating or long distance bike riding), a language (Spanish), programming (already have a head start there). Thoughts appreciated. And what would YOU like to learn. Let’s pick something to motivate each other, push and drive each other.

THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: 10,000 hours

You too can be a genius (Daily Mail)

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Countdown to becoming a genius
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  1. MJ

    I suggest you take up the guitar! It can be a shockingly, soul-destroyingly frustrating instrument to start with, but with a good teacher and a few years of practice, the enjoyment becomes increasingly great. If you are really looking for a lifelong challenge to devote 10,000 hours to, I wholeheartedly recommend the guitar.

    January 2, 2009 at 12:11 am Reply