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Yes Yes… I’m single and on the dating scene… well.. sort of….  finding it a bit tricky so I’m having a bit of a re-think … my previous profile is below for you to have a nosy at and see where I’m coming from.

I’ve got a good job.. nice pad.. lovely cat.. own teeth.. monomagous.. positive outlook.. caring attitude.. honest.. know my own weaknesses so…. technically I tick most of womens boxes, so why am I finding this tough?!

Life for me has always been interesting. I’ve had the opportunity to experience lots and see many things.

I’m an “Expressive Thinker” which means I’m more likely to have a conversation with you about why someone did the thing they did rather than go ugh at footy match. I’ve worked in sales for 3 years so psychology really interests me. I suppose as well that you are likely to get someone who’ll speak their mind and I hope that you’d do the same.

My tag line used to be “Self Confident, non scarred 20something”, i’m honest and to the point, looking for someone i can be friends with as well as emotionally involved in.

SEX… (my tact is legendary!) it’s important in a relationship .. good workout, good for stress relief, helps to keep an emotional bond between two people etc etc (my biology degree will back that one up!!) I’m not going to jump you when I first meet you, but errrr.. yea. it’s important. Anyways… moving on.

Apart from that… forget the whole blonde brunette thing… if you can stimulate my mind your onto a winner.

Done loads with life up till now…. starting off i’ve been a lipstick “scientist” reformulating the No7 luscious range.. then onto pharmaceutical sales..and now a company director.

Preferences: (please note that these are flexible but really things I do/don’t want in a long term partner)…..In an Ideal world……
Emotionally available
Single (helps!)
Personality – extroverted, happy, intelligent
EDIT – Someone I’m physically attracted to. There has to be some kind of sexual attraction if i’m going to date someone.

Things to make you think: Is Plenty of Fish like shopping? Is speed dating really dating? Is it love or lust at first sight?

UPDATE: please please please write more than a line or two… be creative…. I delete messages that are “wanna chat”

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