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Cumbria North (Penrith & Keswick & Wigton) Constituency

This is a proposal to create a rural Cumbria North constituency in response to the 1st draft consultation by the Boundary Commission, comprising the areas of Penrith, Keswick, Wigton.

Of all my proposals, this is by far the largest constituency in the North West, in terms of geography not population, however is similar size to one proposed by the Boundary Commission. This constituency covers the central belt of Cumbria following the A66 as it runs West to East.

Having lived in Lazonby near Penrith I see the rural towns/villages (eg. Appleby, Aspatria, Keswick) as having a similar “feel” to them and therefore an MP would have to appeal to more a “protection-istic” populace, in addition to understanding the tourist appeal of the Lakes, Appleby and Silloth.

Whilst I understand that geographically this is a large constituency the demographic fit is much closer to the proposed “Copeland and Windermere” or “Workington and Keswick” and populations of all those communities should think about who they feel more “akin” to. (See my Whitehaven & Workington Constituency)

Boundaries created with my Boundary Mapping Tool

Map: Crown Copyright Ordnance Survey. Content: Creative Commons BY-ND

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Cumbria North (Penrith & Keswick & Wigton) Constituency
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