Rick Seymour

Dating – Doing it right

Dating… is there a right and a wrong way to go about it. Is it inviting that person over for a lovely home cooked meal, it is about hooking up part way through a night.. is it about a quiet coffee to chat. First dates are so important to guage the other person, not only in them as an individual but also in how serious they are about dating.

Me personally I’m 28 been single since … well officially since.. err not telling…November to be on the safe side. And really thinking its pants, not the kind of snug pants that fit you perfectly (must remember to put those on cos i’m going into town in a sec) but those ones that you do the painting with. So obviously I’m keen to get myself out there… but when does keen become desperate? Seriously…. its a question that really needs answering.

I’m not going to settle for …… in fact hang on … no its not about settling for second best its about meeting someone who ticks enough of your boxes.. but also someone who you actually like and get on with. yea yea the whole mutual attraction is important but there has to be more.. and I think its that “bit more” that takes time to bring out of people.

So how do you do it right? How can someone leave you speechless that they are doing it right? *shrugs* I don’t know.. advice please! (Damn it .. i wish i’d done random dating at school… would soooo have prepared me for this!!)

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