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OnShore gas extraction (fracking) in the Lancashire & UK

Oil & Gas department at Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has begun in response to the UK’s dwindling energy reserves the distribution of licences that would enable Gas & Oil companies to mine onshore into depleted coal mines and shale rock to explore for the presence of natural gas.

The onshore gas industry has come under controversy (BBC & Guardian), especially in America following the production of the documentary film Gasland, which highlights groundwater contamination during the gas extraction process.

Whilst the process of onshore gas extraction is not new to the UK, the process of Hydrolyic Fracturing (Fracking) is and has lead to campaigns such as Frack Off & Ribble Estuary Against Fracking.

Cuadrilla has halted exploration of drilling following an earthquake and is currently seeking to renew its planning application (05/11/0431) with Lancashire County Council.

Onshore Licences in the UK

Shale gas licence for Lancashire

In 2008, Cuadrilla Resources were awarded (as part of the 13th round of allocation) a Petroleum Exploration and Development Licence for the region of Lancashire (PEDL165).This covers an area from Formby Hall to Standish and Chorley and includes the Forest of Bowland (including Beacon Fell & Parlick Pike).Current drilling opertions are present at

  • Becconsall (LJ/06-006)
  • Grange Hill (LJ/01-001Z)
  • Preece Hall (LJ/06-005)

Additional areas in Lancashire include Elswick, Kirkham & Plumpton (under EXL269), Formby & Maghull (PEDL164)


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