Rick Seymour

Whitehaven and Workington Constituency

Here I describe the rational for merging Copeland and Workington constituencies as part of the Boundary Commission’s consultation into the 1st draft of the boundary review following the Parliamentary Constituencies Act 2011. Under proposals put forward by the Boundary Commission would see the both Copeland and Workington constituencies extend inland, including Windermere and Keswick respectfully. []

Electoral constituency boundary changes & mapping tool

The Boundary Commission for England has begun a consultation into the changes they are planning to constituency boundaries following the enactment of Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Act 2011. This instructs the LGBCE to redraw the constituency boundaries to standardise the number of electors per constituency, plus or minus 5% away from the quota of []

OnShore gas extraction (fracking) in the Lancashire & UK

Oil & Gas department at Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has begun in response to the UK’s dwindling energy reserves the distribution of licences that would enable Gas & Oil companies to mine onshore into depleted coal mines and shale rock to explore for the presence of natural gas. The onshore gas industry []

Public Assets Map – Recreating DCLG Mapping software

DCLG last month produced their “Public Sector Assets Demonstrator“, which displayed on a map the locations of UnUsed Assets around the UK from central government departments and 60 “Pathfinder” councils as part of the Capital and Assets Pathfinder Programme. I acquired the data displayed on the government system, cleaned it and will be presenting it []

Broughton High School (Preston) – Class of 1996

Broughton High School, north of Preston Lancashire (Now Broughton Business & Enterprise College) is where I attended from 1991 – 1996. Here is the school leavers photo from the “Class of ’96”. The photo links to the Facebook photograph or you can download the full size (5mb) image.If you did attend, join the Facebook Group, []

BT Wind Turbine at Fanny House Farm Heysham

BT’s planning application for a wind turbine at Fanny House farm Heysham as part of their Wind for Change programme has been APPROVED. They plan to build a single 110m 2MW turbine behind the Windermere Park estate, on Heysham Moss.The application was approved by a vote with 12 Conservative, Green & Labour councillors voting FOR []

RMG writes to Millers Green & Meadows Reach, Heysham

Residential Management Group (RMG) has sent out letters to residents on the Windermere Park estate in Heysham (Millers Green & Meadows Reach) to say they are the management company selected by Miller Homes & Persimmon Homes. The letter states they will be invoicing for service charges for public liability insurance and maintainance of common land []

Empty Homes Solution? : Residents issue EDMO Management Orders

Empty Homes are a blight on this country, with house prices falling, landlord’s unable to secure loans to repair unused properties, the number of empties has increased to one million.In response to Empty Homes Agency’s Facebook question, a possible solution :- Enforced Empty Dwelling Management Order (EDMO) : Residents can issue a Management Order Similar []

Charity Collector (Chugger) restrictions in Lancaster

Charity Collectors (“Chuggers” – Charity Muggers) now have restrictions imposed on them by Lancaster City Council licensing department on when and where they can attempt to persuade you to part with your bank & personal details on the streets of Lancaster. Collectors may ONLY collect in the following locations and on the following days (9am-7pm). []

My 30 Rock Addiction

I love Liz Lemon (Tina Fey)….. there… I’ve said it. I’ve re-discovered my addiction for crazy ladies, for the cringeworthiness, for hot blondes on NBC… (ok .. more crazy ladies) Watching Season 5…… who’s with me!? 30 Rock Seasons from Argos

Mormons on the [Stagecoach] Buses

Today (15:20 ish) I was on the 2A Stagecoach bus from Lancaster to Morecambe, sat upstairs watching the world go by, and I was overhearing a conversation between 3 guys on the back couple of rows of the bus. It was two mormon missionaries talking to a 16 year old on his religious views on []

Just Do It film – Political & Environmental Activism

Just Do It is a film about direct action environmental activism and is filmed through an embedded journalist who chronicles the highs and lows over the course of a year. The film covers G20 protests, interactions with the police and how the decision making process occurs within the groups. But specifically how anyone can become []

DCLG Public Assets Map database: #1 look

Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) working with Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) and Ordnance Survey have produced a Map of Public Assets showing council, health authority and central government department assets, both land and building. View the Public Assets Demonstrator Map The public dataset available lists all the assets in its raw format. []

Cheap laptop bag from Viking Direct

I’ve just received this Laptop Messenger Bag that I ordered from Viking Direct after seeing an offer on Hot UK Deals.com, normally I don’t tend to buy much stationary but my old laptop bag was fraying a bit. The bag cost £3.60 inc VAT and their FREE Postage deal.Contents include:- Laptop bag (suitable for laptops []

Polling Station “Teller” App for voter counting

This is a mini programme for mobile phones & devices to instantly record the date and time of when a particular voter came to cast their vote. It is designed to be used by “Tellers”, supporters of a political party who want to help by asking voters to see their polling card, to record their []