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Thank you for your interest, let’s work together!

Below are several ways that I can help your organisation, my background is sales, computer programming and management, so I’m sure we’ll work well together.

  1. Cost Saving – Reduce your Telephony, Utility, Procurement, Staffing costs
  2. Innovation – Digital & Traditional processes
  3. Computer Programmes – Let a Robot do the work
  4. Training – Increase staff productivity

Location Availablility

Current Location: Lancaster, Lancashire, UK

Easy travel: Morecambe, Kendal, Preston, Barrow-in-Furness, Blackpool, Chorley

Will travel throughout UK for right client

Ok…. what now?

Contact Me (or via email) or leave a comment below, with what you want to achieve or a problem you are having. I’ll do a free review to see if and how I can help. We’ll then take it from there. I’ll be completely upfront (as I usually am) of costs, time scales and how close to your expectations I can deliver. If I can’t help… I’ll point you in the direction of someone that can.

Cost Saving

Utilities & “Fixed costs” represent a significant outgoing for any business. Finding more cost effective ways of using telephony and telecoms can often be one of the easiest (and hardest, given the technicalities involved) ways of saving money. High levels of itemisation on bills presents challenges, such as:-

Description Quantity Quarterly Rate Cost
Charges in advance for ISDN 30e Auxiliary 0000006 50.7 304.2

… indicates that this customer’s site has 7 ISDN lines, and allows you to ask questions such as :-

Do I have 7 simultaneous incoming and outgoing calls? What about overflow? Engaged tone or message?

Having your bill analysed allows you to ask yourself these questions to formulate business processes to cut your costs

Analysis based on the example above, yearly savings of £3600 on fixed line costs and £900 of outgoing call savings were uncovered, utilising a dual ISDN + VoIP solution, with a Return on Investment of less than a year. (Rick Seymour)


Cost savings & innovation don’t just have to be found in nitty-gritty bill analysis but the softer things that your organisation does. From travelling to meetings, to the sub-divison of labour based on the skill-set of each employee, innovating how you “do things” can dramatically improve efficiency.

Innovation can be in the form of digital applications to traditional managerial direction. Introducing digital innovations into an organisation can be seen as a threat by employees, so it is essential that both digital and traditional techniques go together.


Automation of key tasks and visual representation of data should fit in with established workflows. Applications themselves do not have to be all encompassing beasts that try and do everything that your organisation does.

Here are a few examples of applications I have written :-



Staff that stuggle with computers reduce their productivity and the concentration of other members of staff.

Having a “go-to” person who can help, who can provide non-judgemental support increases productivity across your business.

Fix a computer for someone and they’ll keep coming back …. teach them to “Turn it off and back on” and 99% of IT support calls vanish


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